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We will be back shortly

Niste oameni enervati ca Tumblr-ul a fost picat vreo 24 de ore, s-au suparat atat de tare pe situatie si pe mesajul “We’ll be back shortly”, incat au tras repede un .com care sa-i parodieze.

Au gasit si vreo 100 motive pentru care a picat Tumblr, printre care si cele de mai jos. :))

  • Keep calm and spam F5
  • WikiLeaks was hosted here
  • We’re a free service. Goddamn
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug
  • Down is the new up
  • Everyone is trying to have 99.9% uptime. We like to Think Different.
  • All the cool kids are doing it
  • Can anyone recommend a decent router?
  • We forgot to pay the electric bill
  • MySQL. Need we say more?
  • Eduardo froze the accounts
  • We’ve made a huge tiny mistake
  • We should have read that contract before agreeing to this

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