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Don’t tell Ashton

Super idee de campanie pe Twitter. 10 studenti ai Berghs School oof Communication din Suedia. GOLD la  EUROBEST INTERACTIVE 2010.

Brief Explanation:

How can 22 interactive students from Berghs School of Communication make ourselves known to the industry and attract people from all over the world to study at our school? We invited people to join a project. The worlds first artwork made by twitter users. Three days after launch the artwork was completed, reaching over 4000000 people from 151 countries. Major industry press and media picked up the project and people from all over the world wrote about it, from Japanese blogs to Russian printed press. On Google the phrase ”Don’t tell Ashton” gave 130000 results the first week.

Cum ar suna la noi o campanie similara ? Nu-i spune lui Bobby Voicu sau lui Andi Moisescu ?

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4 comentarii

  1. Nu-i spune lui Arhi, ar suna mai bine.

  2. Genială ideea! :) Sunt curios dacă s-ar face la noi cum s-ar intitula. (la nivel național)
    Don’t tell Bobby or Andi? :))

  3. nu nu! nu-i spune lui Zoso! :P

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